Have you had a few moments to pause during this busy season to consider the gifts you are giving to Christ?  Think about how strange it would be to have this great birthday celebration for Christ and to have gifts for everyone but him!  Wouldn’t that be absurd?  Why not take some time this week to fill out the attached card that allows you to give Jesus the gifts He truly loves.  After you fill the card out, wrap it up and place it under your tree as your gift to Christ.

Previous emails have covered worship, connect, serve, and pray (if you missed any of these go www.gracefs.com and click on pastor’s blog.)  Today, I want to encourage you to consider your giving.  I know, I know…here is the preacher talking about giving.  Not very original.  However, this is not a conversation between you and me, but between you and God.  Are you willing to trust God with your finances?

One of the best things you can do on a yearly basis is to just lay out where all of your money has gone in the past year and ask God, “Does this reflect what I say I believe about you?”  If you are married, I suggest strongly that you do this together.  Few things show our true values and commitments like what we do with our money, and new years give us a chance to realign and start fresh in ways that reflect our faith and trust in God.  God loves you, and He wants to give you the abundant life.  Talk with Him, and trust Him.

Of course, the words I often hear are, “I have no idea where all my money went.”  If that is you, I have good news: Financial Peace University.  FPU is the greatest resource our church offers in helping people discover financial freedom and faithfulness.  Over and over again, people who take FPU say that it changed their life in amazing ways.  A new class will begin in January.

May your conversation with God lead you deeper into the arms of your heavenly Father!

Yours in Christ,