Welcome! Thank you for joining us on this 30-day journey. The goal of this challenge is to shift our perspective from the uncertainty surrounding us to giving praise and glory with gratitude to God for WHO he is and WHAT he’s done for each of us. As we show up daily and put the work in, we will quickly discover HOW He’s calling each of us to respond obediently in worship of Him.

Just a few details to keep in mind: This is a 30-Day Challenge, starting June 1st. We recognize that some people are morning people and some people are evening people. So, each day will be sent out via text or email (or on our website www.gracefs.com) the evening before. For example, Day 1 will be delivered on May 31st. It’s up to you how/when you choose to complete it.

With that said…..let’s get started.


Psalm 100:2, 4

“Serve the LORD with gladness; come before him with joyful songs. Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise.”

Meditation – God deeply cares about the many ways in which we serve him. And He loves that we serve him. But, HOW we serve is much more important to him. Spend a few moments thinking about how you serve. Do you serve out of obligation or expectation? Do you serve hoping to get something in return? Or do you serve with gladness and thanksgiving out of reverence for who God is and all he’s done?

Prompt/Response – As you go about your day today, think about the many ways God has blessed you. For these reasons (and so many more), he is most certainly worthy to be worshiped and praised. Let us learn how to worship through serving with joy! Look for ways today to serve other people out of sheer joy for who God is and all He’s done for you!