Day 26

Psalm 132:7 

 “Let us go to his dwelling place; let us worship at his footstool.”

Meditation – God is omnipresent (meaning, he’s everywhere all the time). Therefore, God doesn’t need for us to “go to him” to worship….he’s already there. “Going to his dwelling place” is more about us than anything. When we focus on WHO we’re worshiping and WHY we’re worshiping, all our attention is on God….which allows us to fully enter the place in which he dwells.

Prompt/Response – Take the next few minutes and truly reflect on WHO God really is to you. Think about all the different aspects of his character you’ve read in scripture or heard your pastor(s) say (example: Creator, Provider, Sustainer, Healer, King, LORD, Father, etc). Which characteristics stand out to you the most? In your prayer time today, thank him for why these characteristics stand out to you.