Grace Community Church,

Let’s take advantage of the beautiful weather!  The 9:30am Sunday service will meet outdoors in the parking lot.  The 6:00pm Monday service will meet in the worship center but will have a time of food and fellowship in the outdoor courtyard following the service.

9:30am Sunday:  Bring a lawn chair.  Chairs will also be provided for those who don’t have lawn chairs and for those who forget.  The front part of the parking lot will be roped off for seating.  The sun will not be in an ideal position, so you may want to bring a hat/sunglasses and be thoughtful as you pick your spot.  We will have coffee and pastries! We will ask that everyone practice social distancing (please be mindful as you set up your chairs to set up 6 feet from others), but we will only ask that you wear a mask during the singing.  We are still asking everyone to sign up.  You can do that HERE.

6:00pm Monday: We will worship in the worship center.  After worship, you will be invited into the courtyard for pizza, smores, and physically distanced but socially close fellowship.  Plan to hang out after worship outdoors, let your mask down, stay 6 feet away from non family members, and enjoy this beautiful time of year.  Don’t forget to sign up.  You can do that HERE.

9:30 Online:  Because we will be livestreaming from outdoors, we will not be able to put the words on the screen.  We will be handing out song lyrics on paper to those on campus.  I sent the song lyrics to you via email. 

Blood Drive.  We will also be having our blood drive this week on campus.  You can get more information HERE.

A frequently asked question:  What happens if someone comes to church that doesn’t sign up or we have guests that didn’t sign up?  We always have extra chairs set out in case someone doesn’t register or we have guests that show up.  So, feel free to invite folks to come join us!

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday in person or on the big screen!  If watching Braveheart ever gave you chills, I think you will be able to relate to the message this Sunday.  

Yours in Christ,