1. Are the 8:30 and 11:00 services going to be the same? Yes. This Sunday they will both be the same service. The 9:30 online service will also be the same as 8:30 and 11:00.
  2. Will the bathrooms be open? Yes. This Sunday we will use the restrooms in the Student Ministries Building.
  3. Will there be extra facemasks if I forget? Yes.
  4. What happens if I accidentally stumble into someone else’s 6 foot isolation zone? We are stationing snipers with paintball guns on the rooftops to deal with any unauthorized isolation zone incursions.
  5. Do I need to sign up if I am coming to the 8:30 or 11:00 parking lot service? Yes. Sign up at https://gccfs.breezechms.com/form/5a96d8.
  6. Can I give at church at the parking lot service? Yes. Jeannette Sterling will function as the human offering plate on Sunday. For other ways to give, check out the website: https://gracefs.com/give/.
  7. Is this Sunday like Sunday, May 10, or like Sunday, May 24? No. No. No. We will communicate about Sunday, May 24, on Monday, May 18.
  8. Do I need to bring my own chair? Yes.
  9. Should I sign up for the Understanding the Old Testament class Jeff is doing? Yes. You can sign up at https://gracefs.com/events/understanding-the-old-testament/.
  10. Will there be donuts and coffee? No.
  11. Will there be a nursery or activities for kids and students? No. We will have an activity packet for the kiddos.
  12. What happens if I come at 9:30 this Sunday? You get to spend some quiet time with God in your car until the 11:00 service begins.
  13. Does my child have to wear a mask? Unless your child is an infant or toddler, they are asked to wear a mask. Make this fun for your child by making them a cool mask so they feel like a bandit (says the dad whose children are in their 20’s).
  14. Will hand sanitizer be available? Yes. And our rooftop snipers will be closely watching to make sure no one absconds with the hand sanitizer. Don’t make us release the dogs.
  15. Will there still be an online service? Yes. The 9:30 online service is the one thing you can rely on to be consistent for the next few weeks.
  16. What if it is raining? If it is raining, we will NOT have the 8:30 or 11:00 parking lot service. You will get a text Sunday morning at 7am if we cancel. If you are not signed up for text messages with the church, contact Jeannette at . You can also check the website or Facebook for the latest information.
  17. Where do I park? Park in the back of the parking lot. The area where people will be sitting will be roped off.