Grace U

How Did the New Testament Come to Be?

TBD on 8-16-22

Assignment: Read pp.849-889 in NT Wright

How did we end up with the text of the New Testament that we have today?

How did we end up the 27 books of the New Testament being authoritative for Christian life, faith, and practice?

Is any of this scandalous?

How does chapter 37 inform your reading and understanding of Scripture?

The Gospels

TBD on 8-23-22

Assignments: Matthew 1:

Matthew 2:


Luke 1:

Luke 2:

John 1:

John 2:

For Background:

What is the distinctive “flavor” of each gospel?

What are the blessings of four distinct gospels that take some liberties to arrange saying and circumstances to further the message they want to convey?

What do we lose when we seek to harmonize the gospels?


TBD on 8-30-22


Luke 1: An Overview of Luke  11-22-16 Bible Project Podcast

Luke 2: Good News for the Poor 12-13-16 Bible Project Podcast

Luke 3: Jesus, Rebels, Resurrection 1-6-2017 Bible Project Podcast

Extra Credit: pp.604-644 in NT Wright

NIV Intro to Luke:

What is something cool you learned?

Why does Luke highlight and point out the women?

How does Luke connect Jesus’s life and ministry to the Old Testament story? How does this compare with Matthew?

Can you think of any reason that Luke stresses Jesus’ ministry to and his inclusion of the least, the last, and the lost over and above Jesus’ commands to be good moral people?


TBD 9-6-22

Assignment: Acts 1:

Acts 2:

Holy Spirit:

Describe how the Spirit is first introduced in the Hebrew Bible by reading Genesis 1:1-3. What does God’s ruakh (spirit, breath, wind) do in this passage?

God’s Spirit empowers others for specific tasks.  Read Gen 41:16-39, Exodus 35:29-35, and Isaiah 61:1-4. What tasks did God empower through his Spirit, and what do these tasks have in common?

Read the account of Jesus’ baptism in Matthew 3:16-17. Compare the presence of the Spirit (above the baptism waters) in this scene with the presence of the Spirit (above the chaotic waters) in Genesis 1:1-3. How does this comparison help us see that Jesus is the beginning of a new creation?

Read John 20:11-23, Acts 1:1-8, Acts 2:23-39

What did Jesus give the disciples after his resurrection? How did the disciples receive Jesus’ gift, and what did his gift specifically empower them to do?

Bible Project Classroom: Ephesians

TBD 9-13-22: Unit 1 and Unit 2 

TBD 9-20-22: Unit 3 and Unit 4

TBD 9-27-22: Unit 5 and Unit 6

TBD 10-4-22: REVIEW UNITS 3-6

TBD 10-11-22: Unit 7 and Unit 8

TBD 10-18-22:Unit 9

TBD 10-25-22: Unit 10

TBD: 11-1-22: Unit 11:32/33

TBD: 11-8-22: Unit 11:34/35

TBD: 11-15-22:, 5 Ways to Read Revelation Handout (also a podcast : Apocalyptic Letters E6 from June 1, 2020).