Grace U2

Grace University 2

New Testament


Each date reflects what will be discussed on that date. This means that all reading and assignments will be completed prior to that class date.For example, you will need to have read pages 37-49 in the NT Wright book before your class meets on January 15. 

Background to the New Testament

Jan 15 NT Wright: Beginning Study of the New Testament (pp 37-49)

Jan 22 NT Wright: The NT as History (pp 50-59)

Jan 29 Nt Wright: The NT as Literature (pp 60-75)

Feb 5 NT Wright: The NT as Theology (pp 76-85)

Feb 12 NT Wright: History of the Jews (pp 86-107)

Feb 19 NT Wright: The Jewish Context of Jesus and the Early Church (pp 108-141)

2 Maccabees 7

The Siege of Jerusalem:

Feb 26 NT Wright: The Greco Roman Context of the Early Church (pp 142-171)

Mar 5 NT Wright: The Profile and Praxis of a Prophet (pp 188-215)

Mar 12 NT Wright: Who Did Jesus Think He Was (pp 216-241)

Bible Project: Who is the Son of Man (Podcast/Transcript Oct 22,2018)

Mar 19 Bible Project: Is Jesus God (Podcast/Transcript Oct 29,2018)

Bible Project: Who Did Jesus Think He Was (Podcast/Transcript Nov 5,2018)

Mar 26 NT Wright: The Afterlife in Greek, Roman, and Jewish Thought (pp 264-295)

Apr 2 NT Wright: The Story of Paul’s Life and Ministry (pp 336-365)

Apr 9 Easter Break–NO CLASS

Apr 16 NT Wright: A Primer on Pauline Theology (pp 366-395)

Apr 23 NT Wright: How Did the NT Come to Be (pp 850-889)

The Gospels

Apr 30 Matthew 1:

Matthew 2:


Luke 1:

Luke 2:

John 1:

John 2:

The following are not required but are for more background and extra credit. It

 will also make you seem smart during the discussion time.:

May 7 Luke 1: An Overview of Luke  11-22-16 Bible Project Podcast

Luke 2: Good News for the Poor 12-13-16 Bible Project Podcast

Luke 3: Jesus, Rebels, Resurrection 1-6-2017 Bible Project Podcast

May 14 Mother’s Day Break–NO CLASS


May 21 Acts 1:

Acts 2:

Holy Spirit:

May 28–Sep 3 Summer Break Begins–NO CLASS

New Testament Letters

Sep 10 Bible Project: How to Live Like Jesus is Lord (Podcast June 29,2020)

Bible Project: Honor-Shame Culture and the Gospel (Podcast July 6, 2020)

Sep 17 Bible Project: The Drama We Don’t Know (Podcast July 13,2020)

Bible Project: Did Paul Actually Say That (Podcast July 20,2020)


Sep 24 Ephesians Units 1 and 2–Sessions 1-7

Oct 1 Ephesians Units 3 and 4–Sessions 8-12

Oct 8 Ephesians Units 5 and 6–Sessions 13-18

Oct 15 Ephesians Units 7 and 8–Sessions 19-23

Oct 22 Ephesians Unit 9–Sessions 24-27

Oct 29 Ephesians Unit 10–Sessions 28-31

Nov 5 Ephesians Unit 11–Sessions 32-35

Nov 12,

5 Ways to Read Revelation Handout (also a podcast : Apocalyptic Letters E6 from

 June 1, 2020).

Nov 19 Celebration Lunch