Instructions for Holy Communion from Your Home

Purchase bread and grape juice before Sunday.

Join us for worship at 10:00 am on YouTube or Facebook.

Before worship starts, put the bread unwrapped on a plate (you may use any kind of bread).  It might be especially meaningful to make your own unleavened bread (this would be a great activity with kids and an opportunity to teach them the story of the Exodus without them even being aware that they are learning something.)

Pour an individual glass of grape juice for each person participating and cover them with a cloth.   If you have special glasses, you may want to use those.

When it comes time for Holy Communion, I will ask you to take a piece of bread.  Everyone will then take a piece of bread and we will all eat the bread at the same time.

I will then ask you to take your cup, and we’ll all drink the grape juice at the same time.

Do not throw any leftovers away.  You may eat/drink the leftovers or you may break them up and place them outdoors for the animals, but you don’t throw them away.

A recipe for unleavened bread: