Will you join me in prayer for our church?  God wants to do greater things through our church family, but His power, grace, and healing will not be experienced without a people who are joined together in prayer.  We saw God work in amazing ways this year.  Relationships were restored, young and old professed faith in Christ,  true Christian community was expanded, the hungry were fed, the children were taught the faith, and God was worshiped for Who He is and what He has done!  Greater things are yet to come.  God wants to do far more if we will only submit our individual lives and our corporate life together to Him in prayer.

You can sign up for prayer at https://gracefs.com/prayer-teams/.  We are asking everyone in the Grace family to sign up for at least one area of prayer.  Beginning on January 11, you will be sent a weekly email with specific prayer requests.

Looking forward to God doing far more than we can ask or imagine in 2017!!!