Moving Forward

All the members of Grace are invited to join us in moving us forward towards no debt on our facilities. 100% of all that you give to the Moving Forward Fund goes to pay on the principal of the church’s debt. With all of us working together, God will surely do more than we could ask or imagine! Jeff

The online Moving Forward Commitment Form is here.

Frequently asked questions about the Moving Forward Fund

What is the Moving Forward Fund?

In 2012 our church family created the Moving Forward fund to do two things:  to pay down the debt on our church facilities and to free up funds for ministry. Everyone in our church family committed funds beyond what they were currently giving to support the church’s ministries to the Moving Forward fund. Each month these Moving Forward funds were used to pay the principal on the loan balance. Money given to the Moving Forward funds in excess of the principal of the monthly payment were used to pay excess on the principal each month. Every dollar ever given to the Moving Forward fund has gone toward the principal of our debt.  The church has always paid the interest on our debt out of our church’s general fund.

The way that the Moving Forward fund frees up funds for ministry is that funds from the church’s general fund that were once used to pay the principal of the monthly building payment are now free to be used for ministry and mission.  Since 2012, this has been part of the way we fund our ministries.

What happens if there are insufficient funds given to the Moving Forward Fund to pay the monthly principal?

The Church Council set aside $40,000 of Moving Forward funds as restricted funds to be used when monthly Moving Forward giving falls below the principal balance due for the month.  There have been several months in the last few years that we have had to utilize these designated funds when our monthly Moving Forward giving was too low.

What is the length of commitment I am being asked to make?

One year. In the past, we have asked our church family for a three year commitment. A lot happens in three years and we are simply asking you for a commitment for 2023.

What is the current debt on our church today?

Thankfully, with the recent giving in December of this year and the $50,000 matching funds we received, we have lowered our debt balance below $1,000,000. We currently owe about $950,000.

Is my gift to the Moving Forward Together Campaign above and beyond my current level of giving to the church?

Yes.  We could not sustain the current level of ministry without the current level of giving to the general fund.

Can I give non-cash gifts?

Absolutely.  In the past we have received gifts of stock, property, and more.  Giving gifts other than cash, especially stock you have held for more than a year that has appreciated, offers some significant tax advantages.  Call the church office and they can walk you through the process of a non-cash gift.

What if my financial situation changes and I can’t keep my commitment?

The church then sends Guido and Hans over to rough you up until you pay up.  Just kidding, of course.  If your financial situation changes, you simply ask for a new commitment card and we update it with your current commitment.

How much should I give?

We are not asking for equal giving but equal sacrifice.  For some, a $500 gift over one year would represent a sacrifice.  For others, a sacrifice might be closer to $5,000 or $50,000.  If you will go before God prayerfully and be obedient to what He has asked you to do, then you can know without a doubt that you have done your part.

Does my gift matter?

Absolutley!!!  That’s why we have called this campaign Moving Forward Together.  Every gift matters because it represents your trust and obedience in God.  God can take something small that is given in faith and use it in miraculous ways to build His Kingdom.  You matter!  We believe that every family can participate in some way, and every way that each family participates is important.