Daniel Webb

Full Name: Daniel James Webb

Ministry Position: Technical Director/Producer

Life-Changing Moment: It’s definitely hard to define a single life-changing moment. I have experienced so many awesome moments in my life. I think the moments that are my favorite is when I am playing worship and look out to find people lost in worship. It’s quite amazing to see the Lord changing hearts and sweeping through a place.

Previous Job/Occupation: I previously served Greenwood United Methodist Church as Technical Director as well as playing worship for the contemporary service.

Favorite Food: Italian or Greek, but I love discovering the world through all different types of food!

Pet Peeve: I cannot lie, I have several “pet peeves”. The one that I’ll share here that everyone finds funny is that I’m bothered by “diggers”. I open my container of butter to find huge gouges taken out of it and that drives me crazy! I want it nice and even or smooth if you will, not with holes in it. What are you looking for, there’s nothing buried underneath, no hidden treasure to find. You shouldn’t be constructing a monument in my butter, digging post holes to anchor your structure…. I can go on, but I won’t.

In My Spare Time: I spend time playing music for a few other churches, writing, recording, or/and producing music for myself or other artists. I also love to fly, drive, or tune my R/C planes, helicopter, multi-rotor, or truck and play video games.

Birthplace: I was born in Henrietta, TX (near Wichita Falls, TX). I lived in Petrolia, TX until I was 10 years old at which time I moved to Greenwood. Poor Greenwood didn’t know what it was in for!

Hero: I can’t really say I have a hero in any person. I have several people who I really look to for influence on what I am doing in my professional life. I like several different Recording, Mix, and Mastering Engineers who have created some sonically amazing albums.

If you had an extra $10, what would I buy: music gear or R/C gear of some sort. I’m always breaking or attempting to break something! I’m the type they call a basher.

Worship Arts Pastor
Stephen Moad