Erin DeLassus

Full Name: Erin DeLassus

About you and your family:
My husband, Steve DeLassus, and I have attended Grace for 17 years and love it!  We have 2 boys, Jackson (15) and Dallas (11) that have attended Grace their entire lives.  We own three businesses as well as myself in charge of the Children’s Ministry here.  Steve and I also host a Marriage Life Group and are very involved in the Marriage Ministry here at Grace.  We love helping the church and the community and love ‘doing life’ with families of the same spiritual values.

Ministry Position: Grace Children’s Ministry Director

Life-Changing Moment: There are so many that come to mind but the ones that stand out the most are the ones that I can feel the Holy Spirit moving in my life.  Every time I find out something about my God or can feel Him working in my life, it changes my whole trajectory.  Those beautiful awe moments!

Previous Job/occupation:
I worked at ABF Freight Systems as an Industrial Engineer and wasn’t quite what I wanted.  I then took over Grace Place Preschool Director position for 4 years working with the babies before we started The Monkey House and a few other businesses. Now I feel called to help build upon the Children’s Ministry here at Grace.

Favorite Food: Probably anything with carbs!  Mexican, Italian, 😉

Pet Peeve: Lazy people or people that don’t give or help others.

In My Spare Time: What is spare time?

Birthplace: Fort Smith, AR

Hero: I don’t have one in particular but I would say anyone that has helped mold me into the person I am today.  I thank so many for leading me to Christ and making me the hard worker I am.  I have been blessed beyond measure with my upbringing and opportunities I have been given.

If you had an extra $10 what would you buy:
Probably food or Diet Coke!

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