Grace Community Church Podcasts

Matthew – Part 15

Listen to Matthew – Part 15https://vimeo.com/460194514

Sunday Morning 9-13-20

Listen to Sunday Morning 9-13-20https://vimeo.com/457825129

Matthew – Part 14

Listen to Matthew – Part 149-6-20 Matthew Part - 14

Matthew – Part 13

Listen to Matthew – Part 138-30-20 Matthew - Part 13

Matthew – Part 12

Listen to Matthew – Part 12https://vimeo.com/451207762

Grace Community Church Podcasts

Speaking with Tashala Devrow, Pastor at The House Of Restoration

Listen to Speaking with Tashala Devrow, Pastor at The House Of RestorationSPEAKING WITH TASHALA DEVROW, PASTOR AT THE HOUSE OF RESTORATION

A Conversation about Grace: part2

Listen to A Conversation about Grace: part2Rick Ralston and I continue our discussion regarding grace and its multifaceted areas.

Rick and Stephen talk Grace

Listen to Rick and Stephen talk GraceRick Ralston and Stephen Moad have discussion about grace....

rick and stephen talk: fear

Listen to rick and stephen talk: fearListen to Rick Ralston and Stephen Moad discuss the topic of fear.

“Give Us This Day our daily bread….”

Listen to “Give Us This Day our daily bread….”https://youtu.be/D7bk5PaDnjQ Lent 2020 – Week 4 “Give us this day our daily bread….” What a great line in The Lord’s Prayer to be focusing on this week. In times like these, it’s vital for us to remember just exactly who it is that’s in control. Our God is so much bigger than the uncertainty! I completely understand how difficult it can be at times to loosen our grasp on things over which we’ve been given responsibility….and needs for which we’ve been providing. But, if we’re truly honest with ourselves, these things have been given to us by our amazing Creator. There actually His…..and He’s given us the blessing of stewarding them. C.T. Studd (one of the forefathers of modern missions) once said: “Funds are low again. Hallelujah! That means God trusts us with His reputation.” If God trusts us with his reputation in times of trouble…..don’t you think He’ll do everything needed to ensure His name is famed and proclaimed among the people? I believe He is faithful to those who call upon His name! So, as we take these days of uncertainty one day at a time, let’s choose to trust that God will provide our every need…..just as we need it. For He is good all the time….and all the time He is good! Please enjoy this video discussing “Give us this day our daily bread…” from Jeff and Carol. Let these words of encouragement pour over us, soak into our souls and give us the strength to believe each day that He is our Provider! You are LOVED, VALUED and APPRECIATED.....and being prayed for daily! -Stephen