Before you get all excited on either side of this, take a deep breath.  Whatever conclusion you come to in this matter (and I believe good Christian people can come to different conclusions on this and still love Jesus), the decision to arm oneself should not be taken lightly for a Christian.  It should be a deeper decision for followers of Christ than for those who don’t follow a guy who allowed himself to be crucified on a cross to redeem his enemies.  The Spirit of Christ should pervade our decision making and not the spirit of Jason Bourne, Rambo, and Clint Eastwood.

John Piper wrote a very thoughtful piece in response to Jerry Falwell encouraging all the students at Liberty University to arm themselves.  I think it is worth the read.  Even if you end up disagreeing with his conclusion, he raises issues worth considering and wrestling with as we seek to be faithful followers of Christ.

Should Christians Arm Themselves by John Piper