Last week I encouraged you all to have a conversation with someone that has a different perspective and to practice listening well. Someone once said, “Listening and loving are so close together that it is hard to tell the difference.” As we all seek to be the aroma of Christ in our world, one of the simple things we can do that will make us distinct from the culture is that we can learn to listen well before we speak. Listening and understanding someone else’s perspective doesn’t mean that you agree with them, it simply means that you want to speak in love.

I thought I ought to follow my own advice as well. Below is a conversation that I had with Tashala Devrow, pastor at the House of Restoration Church. I encourage you not to let the violence and looting distract you from any real conversations and soul searching that needs to take place in you personally or in the church. Along with Tashala, I think God is moving in a powerful way in this moment for good!