Yesterday in worship we looked at John 13 which describes Jesus washing his disciples feet and giving a very straightforward and clear call for us to follow his example in serving others.  There is something very important to remember about this story though:  Jesus wasn’t doing what the disciples wanted him to do, he wasn’t doing what the disciples thought they needed, and he wasn’t trying to please the crowd that demanded everything from miracles to armed insurrection.  Jesus was doing what God had called him to do.

It would be a mistake to read John 13 and then think that we have to say “yes” to everyone who asks us to do something.  To do that would not be to follow Jesus, but to do just the opposite of what he was doing.  The disciples wanted Jesus to overthrow the Roman occupiers, the crowds wanted free food, and the religious leaders just wanted Jesus to be quiet and go away.  He chose instead to embrace the cross and to serve others by unswervingly serving God.  Jesus thoughtfully, prayerfully, and intentionally sought God’s will for his life and served others by holding steadfast to the things God had called him to do and by steadfastly refusing to do anything that would take him out of the center of God’s will.

Discerning how God is calling you to serve in 2017 is just as much about saying “No” as it is about saying “Yes.”  Sometimes, saying “Yes” to a new activity, a new place of service,  or a new relationship is much easier than saying “No” to some familiar activities, ways of serving, and relationships.  Will you join me in prayerfully, thoughtfully, and intentionally seeking God’s will for your life so that you Get in the Game in 2017?