Game of Thrones is currently “the show” to watch.  It seems as if everyone is talking about it.  Hearing so much about it, Susan and I began to watch the first episode.  We didn’t get far.  It fell into my definition of pornography.  I don’t desire to see any breasts but my wife’s.  I hear there is less pornography later in the series, but less pornography for me doesn’t make it more acceptable.  I can say very clearly that the Holy Spirit convicted me that this is not something I needed to spend my time focused on.  While many others tell me that television in no way effects how they see the world or how their mind operates, I must be weak.  I admit that I am impacted by what I spend my time watching, discussing, and thinking about.

Immediately some people will think that I am judging them for the fact that they watch the show.  That is not my desire.  Some Christians think that we shouldn’t watch Aladdin.  My children watched it many times.  Some Christians think we shouldn’t watch any television that features sex outside of God’s design (between a husband and a wife.)  I admit that I have watched shows (pick any show or movie on television today) that depicted an unhealthy view of God’s design for sex.  Some Christians think we shouldn’t watch any television that depicts violence toward others.  I enjoy a good action flick from time to time.  What about shows and movies where the Lord’s name is taken in vain, where marriage is depicted as a joke, where people are beating each other to a pulp for entertainment purposes…and the list goes on and on.  It’s probably true that we all draw the lines in slightly different places.  If we start judging one another, I’m not sure where it stops.  But that doesn’t mean that we can’t encourage one another to enter into conversation with God and to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

We may not all agree on the specifics of what we choose to watch, but perhaps we could agree on some guiding questions that would help each of us stand before God with a clear conscience.  Does God want to be LORD of what we watch on television?  If you believe so, then I’d encourage you click on the following link and simply ask the questions.  CLICK HERE