Grace Community Church:

Worship Update

In addition to joining us online on our Facebook page ( or on our YouTube Channel (, we are now transmitting on short range FM radio (tune to 90.9 fm).  This means that you can listen to the service live from your car if you are parked in the parking lot.  Just another way we can join together!

Tips for Worship During This Time

  1.  Get up and get dressed.
  2. If you have family, plan the morning out around being in worship with us at 9:30am.  Make it a fun morning.
  3. Have your bible and a notepad handy.
  4. Join in worship–don’t just watch.  You may want to stand while we sing.  However you worship, join us in praising God!
  5. Parents of children: You are your children’s small group leader.  You should have received a packet from Erin (if not, email her at ).  Don’t let your children’s Christian education be limited to being on campus.
  6. Join the interactivity of this time.  Share with others how God is speaking to you in worship.
  7. Glorify God in all!

Facebook Users

Help us extend our reach by sharing the Live broadcast on your page.  Just hit the “share” button. Through you we can reach an even broader group of people!

To the Less Tech Savvy

I know that some of you do not have the ability to join us online.  You are especially in my prayers right now. I would love to hear from you.  How are you doing? How could we help you right now? Most days I think those more disconnected from social media are a lot better off, but these are peculiar times.

I love you all and look forward to when we are physically present together again.  Please, if you have a need, let us know (we currently have toilet paper at the office if anyone is in need).  Greater things are yet to come!